Begin a Great Career as a Curvy Model

We all know that plus size modelling in the fashion industry has taken on a new dimension entirely. Who would have thought?

Things certainly have taken a turnaround; as it is not like it used to be, where size 14 would never ever have featured on the fashion runway

We all know that “thin was in, and fat, out” in the not too distant past. Aspiring models should be waif-like and stick thin to earn a coveted place on the fashion runway.

model plussize

Today, the modelling industry is not only embracing curvy shapely women to showcase clothing designs, it’s ‘doors’ are now opened wide to voluptuous figures that most of today’s women can identify with.

Because of the past conception, full-bodied women never considered themselves eligible to become fashion models. They hardly considered the modelling profession and barely aspired to become a model.

This is hardly surprising; a billion dollar industry that equates being fat to being undesirable never considered showcasing fashion for the everyday woman. But then, their attention focused only on the minority. The majority of women the world over are curvy . . . As a matter of fact, every woman wants to have curves to flaunt – yes! they want full hips and ample bosoms.

Looking on the bright side this is a good development for very young aspiring models. They won’t tread dangerous anorexic paths to become or remain thin.


Are You Tall and Curvy?


If you are voluptuous with the right curves in the right places, have you considered being a part or full-time model?

Okay, so you think you are too fat to model. Would you be surprised to know that there are sizes 20 women out there who work as professional models?

How come, you may ask? Well unlike decades ago, today’s full-bodied woman is confident and proud of her looks. It is not uncommon to find a plus size women boast about her size and openly display pride in it.

Such are the kind of women that any plus size modelling agency is scouting for, those who are bold and proud of their size, confident enough to aspire to become a plus-size model.

And it may interest you to know that top fashion designers in the industry have started to give a closer look at the high earning potentials and growing profits that are gained from the promotion and retail of formal, semi-formal, and casual plus-size apparel.

Even being “skinny bones” is beginning to look less attractive and the bone-thin model no more has the exclusive right to the fashion runway.

And thankfully so!




Growing Demand for Plus Size Clothes


It’s funny; today’s women are becoming larger and taller and they too want high-fashion and great styles. So due to a growing demand to dress up the buxom woman, plus size clothes are well sought after. Because of this, many fashion designers now need the services of ‘fat’ models to advertise and showcase their products . . . which include:

  • Outerwear
  • Innerwear
  • Lingerie
  • Swimwear
  • Bridal wear



What Does It Take to Become a Plus-size Model?


Hear the answer from the “horse’s mouth” . . . On Model Talk Radio, Susan Levine who is President and CEO of MSA Models, a full-service model management company in the heart of New York City’s garment district tells us …….. Read More

So if you think you can do it, go for it! A good plan of action, tidy preparations, good looks and nice voluptuous curves can open doors that will lead you to a great and lucrative career enjoyed by plus-size models.


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