Economic Sense in Using Plus Size Women as Models

Using curvy models as much as lithe and frail fashion models should now be the norm today because more and more people are embracing and admiring curves . . . being bone thin is not as attractive anymore. Today’s woman desires to be curvy . . . she likes noticeable hips, toned limbs, and well-rounded busts.

Why do you think the fashion industry is using curvy models more than ever before?

The plus size modelling industry is going through a wave of positive change and the curvaceous woman sashay down the runway almost as much as the skinny model does, and it’s a good thing too. And as the sale of plus size mannequins continue to be on the rise; being fat is now more acceptable.

Today’s average woman is full-bodied and curvy and there are so many innovative products centred round her and her lifestyle. From clothing to footwear, fashion accessories to weight loss programs, the demand for curvy models to show these products is high and still rising.

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Using Curvy Models to Showcase Fashion and Style

It makes economic sense to tap into this niche, and fashion designers and merchandisers know it. After all, plus size women are fashionable and trendy too and needs the same styles and creations their slimmer counterparts wear. From bridal lingerie to sportswear, leggings to evening dresses, demand for large sizes of beautiful clothing is required and plus size models are in demand to display them.


Plus Size Market Boom Demands Using Curvy Models


The financial benefits of the plus size market are no doubt what sparked the interest of players in the industry and many more are creating and retailing plus size lines. This in turn creates massive job opportunities for fat models.

There is a boom in the plus size market!

Showcasing fashion exclusively for slim (skinny) women is still great and will continue to command billions of dollars all over the world, but the fact remains that no matter how much the average sized everyday woman admires these outfits, she can hardly wear them and so will have no intention of buying them.

But if she sees stylish clothing that’s styled for her size, boldly showcased by ‘her size’ proudly on the runway, chances are greater that she’ll make a couple of purchases!

Obviously, the fashion industry will be undercutting their profits if they don’t see the economic sense in producing more stylish apparel and have them showed off using curvy women for plus size modelling jobs.

Why the fashion industry never thought about this some decades ago is quite baffling. Why they didn’t realise the hidden potentials and impending boom in plus size fashion is still a mystery.

Plus Size Modelling Encourages More Sales


The majority of plus size women will significantly increase their buying intentions if they see models that showcase clothes that’ll look beautiful, trendy and sexy on them. This in turn will usher in the beginnings of much more economic benefits of using fat or curvy models to encourage greater sales.

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Plus Size Models

The fashion industry may have operated in its own cocoon but because fashion advertisers and fashion magazine editors now know their target market is the plus size woman; they have been instrumental in making manufacturers and merchandisers catch up with the new “wind of change.”

They now realise for sure that using curvy models shall definitely showcase that vast market.


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  1. Courtenay Cash says:

    Thank you for allowing me to be confident in the full figured person I’ve become. Ironically enough, the same Ashley Graham, I met at a party on new years eve in 2014, was a slim size 12, at the time. When we spoke, she said was modeling bras for victoria secret. I never thought she would be a full figured model. But thanks to her, I am now confident enough to embrace my God-given curves, too! Thank you, Ashley!

    Courtenay Cash Phillips
    Full figured Model

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