Reaching the Modelling Industry’s Top Agencies

To get through the doors of the top agencies if you are an aspiring plus size model, you have some criteria to meet.

First, you must have perfect proportions, meaning having all the right curves in the right places. Secondly, you have to know how to market yourself effectively.

One thing that’s certain; in the not too distant future, curvy women will no longer appear in fashion magazines and on the runway as the “token” plus-size model (like a few out of hundreds of fashion models).

So if you want to model, it doesn’t matter if you are curvy-fat.

You can still be a part of the modelling industry and join the increasing number of plus size models strutting the runway and adorning fashion and style magazines.

Contracts from modelling agencies are quite diverse, which is a good thing in itself.

Asides modelling clothes on the runway, you can work as a catalogue model, a showroom model, or a swimwear model. You can also work as a couture fashion model, plus size lingerie model, or a fit model who takes the place of curvy mannequins.

Though the list may seem endless, curvy women that aspire to become models must have perfect proportions with all the curves in the right places.

But exactly what do the plus size top modelling agencies need?


6 Requirements of Top Agencies for Plus Size Models


1 Firm and Toned Body

If you wish to pursue a career as a curvy model, your body must be firm and well toned.  ‘Flabbiness’ will certainly be a disadvantage.

2 Constant Weight

Your body weight must be consistent and kept in check. This is important because the agencies want you firm and plus size; that’s why you’ve been signed on. Your size and shape mustn’t fluctuate from what they intend to showcase.

3 Right Proportions

With the right proportions, you can become successful in your career. The proportions of bust-waist-hips must be right, with the waist measurement being a third smaller than your hips and bust.

For instance, if your bust and hips measure roughly 48″ to 50″, your waist shouldn’t measure much more than 36″.

4 Height Requirements

If your height without shoes on falls within an average of 5’8″ to 5’9″ (though some commercial curvy models are a bit taller), then you are good to go.

5 Facial Features

Finally, you also need to have an average pretty face and because there are millions of beautiful full-bodied women out there jostling for modelling jobs, competition is becoming stiff.

6 Attitude

Yes! You must have a great attitude. Not only must you be “fat and proud”, you must carry yourself in a stately way, and wear a happy smile and bare a pleasant demeanour, especially when you turn up for auditions.

. . . AND last but not the least, you must present a good portfolio!

top agencies

If you can meet all these requirements, your size and shape’s demand is growing and you can expect even higher demands in the near future. Even the booming fashion industry knows the economic sense in catering for the plus size market.

And best of all, you have the chance to be paid in as much the same way as your skinnier counterparts because you’ll be just as important to the fashion industry as lithe and fragile women.


How to Find the Top Agencies


Because it is highly likely that the untapped market of plus size fashion will raise the profits of fashion designers and merchandisers to even greater heights, they are setting their eyes in this direction.

These are the main reasons why many modelling agencies are scouting for the curvy woman. But how do you get started?

A good, efficient, and speedy way to get started is to find and work with professional model scouts that can do most of the promotional works for you! Professional modelling agencies like Model Scouts will send your portfolio of photos to international modelling agents that represent many of the industry’s top agencies.

Your portfolio will be reviewed by agents and other scouts representing all the major fashion markets, including, Paris, Milan, London, New York, Los Angeles, Germany, Singapore, Greece, Spain, Australia, Tokyo, Taipei and Korea.

Top plus size modelling agencies include:

  • Elle
  • Storm
  • New York Model Management
  • 2morrow Models
  • Diva Models
  • Avenue Model Agency
  • Wilhelmina

Once you present your photographs, you will receive an uploaded report of the agent and scout’s responses to your account within a couple of weeks.

And when any modelling agency expresses an interest in representing you, they will give all necessary professional advice and guidance required by you to get a great job and pursue your career as a plus-size model.


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