Plus Size Modelling – Photoshop Tricks and Fat Suits

The look of “faking fat” (faux fat!) by padding up thin models to imitate curves is becoming unacceptable; after all we all find it hard to believe there are no full-figured curvy models out there.

In the fashion industry, when showcasing designs for fuller women, it was the norm for thin models to get ‘padded up’ in specially made suits called fat suits.

An increasing number of models are “fattened up” as a quick way of showcasing a couple of sizes larger on the runway.

Hear one model say “I was advised to get a padded undergarment that adds a couple of inches to your bust, waist and hips – a ‘fat suit’, so to speak”.

Shame though, isn’t it?



There are gorgeous curvy women out there who are voluptuous and well-formed, and believe me, many of them are desirous of becoming professional models.

Problem is they believe they are too fat to model.

But the good news is that those who design and retail casual, lingerie, sportswear, semi-formal, and formal wear for plus sized women now realise that they don’t need fat suits on thin models to showcase their creations and goods.

The time has come for reality in fashion campaigns. There must be complete elimination of fat suits padding, and not only that. Fake air-brushed effects, just like we all see in today’s fashion magazines should be totally unacceptable.

A full-figured woman who desires to model must have the same opportunity as that given to thinner women desirous of being a part of the modelling industry. It’s about time for the industry to get serious and finally fill that longer than necessary gap they created in the first place.

Certainly skinny models wearing padded suits to fit into larger sizes kind of shows us that the entire fashion and style industry needs some re-think because curvy women, nay, most women come in a variety of body shapes and sizes and they ALL buy clothes.

So, what do you think? Shouldn’t more ‘players’ in the fashion industry be clearer and more transparent about how they showcase plus size apparel?

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