Plus Size Model Portfolio That Gets Attention

A plus-size model portfolio is not much different from portfolios of skinnier aspiring models. However as a curvy woman, to present one that grabs an agency’s attention, there are a few things to consider.

Just presenting nice glossy pictures is not near enough and if your aim is to really impress, you’ll  have to think about the type of photographs you take and how you take them.


plus size model portfolio

Don’t think because you are curvy or somewhat on the fat side you’ll need to hide or subtly Photoshop the photographs you plan to package in your portfolio. Remember, you will be called for an audition because a plus size model is needed for certain modelling jobs. If they need a slimmer model, they’ll ask for that.

An aspiring curvy model’s shots must look as natural as is possible because that’s what will make sure you get called in for an audition. True you must impress, but you don’t want to overdo it!

Does putting together a package of shots that looks professional increase your chances of getting a top modelling job? Certainly not!

You don’t need to show any professionalism neither do you need to put together a professionally bound portfolio of glossy shots.

One thing to note, professional model scouts already have a trained eye for good prospects and can spot them a mile off. They certainly won’t appreciate pictures of an overly made-up face, airbrushed works, photo shoots under special lights, or anything that artificially conceals your natural looks.


Plus Size Model Portfolio Requirements


Modelling agencies prefer simple, clean, and clear photographs and the simpler your photos, the better your prospects. So, try to stick to the following rules:

  • Take shots without makeup (or with very light makeup)
  • Take photos with a freshly washed face
  • Have your hair swept back (a simple pony-tail will suffice)
  • Don’t wear large or dangling earrings. Stick to studs!
  • No chunky neck chains or necklaces
  • Ensure you wear a good firm bra underneath your top/blouse/dress
  • Definitely, no corsets, girdles, and the like must be worn to enhance your full-bodied figure
  • Your portfolio must have at least one headshot and a full body shot


To Reach the Modelling Industry’s Top Agencies…


You want to look natural so don’t make mistakes that may hide your potentials. In any case, if you create a portfolio with ‘fluffing’, if you are lucky they don’t set your portfolio aside and check out the next aspiring models own, they will probably call you to send them simpler natural shots as well.

For your photo shoots, wear casual type clothing that’s simple but tasteful. No torn jeans and no heavily patterned or textured apparel. You don’t have to wear spikes or block heels either. Simple flat shoes are great and barefoot is even greater. And most importantly, make sure your pictures are very clear.

Remember that first impressions count and your portfolio is the first thing model scouts see (most of the time anyway).

Now that you know what to do, you’ll find that a plus size model portfolio isn’t so hard to put together, once you are aware of what is preferred by the top agencies.


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