Modelling Tips – Learning Facial Expressions

As a model, you’ll find you need to learn how to show emotions through your facial expressions. You will find this in almost all modelling assignments and a model, plus size or not, must be adept at projecting emotions – happy, sultry, demure, hatred, love, joy, sorrow, etc…, and all these different emotions must be convincingly reflected on your face.

A model’s expression that conveys being quirky (or what do you think?) . . . mmh! You’ll need to express an emotion through your facial expression.

When you go for your photo-shoots, photographers will need you to convey kinds of emotions through your facial expression, so you will need to be adept at changing your facial looks to-order, so to speak. You can learn how to do this by personal practice.

Make a note of major/important human emotions that you know, then, sit in front of your mirror and practice their expressions. Ask a friend to check you out to see how convincing you are.

You must also practice how to smile. This may sound ridiculous but smiling at the snap of a finger is a skill that all professional models need to acquire and you can practice that too, right in front of your mirror.

Be imaginative and practice with props like a wardrobe essential – a hat, a shawl, or a product – a bunch of keys, a beach ball, or a hairbrush.


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