How to Get More Exposure from Modelling Agents and Scouts

Getting more exposure from modelling agents and scouts isn’t much of a challenge if you aspire to be a plus-size model. And you really don’t need to have any earlier experience before you can get some exposure to the right places.

What is especially important is to get as exposed as possible to people in the industry and if you can do this, the odds of you becoming more successful in finding modelling agencies to represent you becomes much higher AND certainly faster.

And it’s not only a good idea to spread your exposure as wide as is possible, you’ll also have a greater chance of finding booking jobs.

You need to be promoted and the best group of people to promote you are modelling agents and scouts. Reasons being they are the ones who know all the prospective clients that will need your plus size modelling services. They are in the industry and are the ones who are going to promote you and get you booked for modelling jobs.

There is one question that will be uppermost in a prospective fat model’s mind. “How do I get exposure to the agencies and scouts?”


How to Expose Yourself to Modelling Agents and Scouts


There are few ways you can do this without too much effort on your part but it is important that you be patient and persevere.

  • Find reputable agents and send your photos to them. They will send them directly to the relevant agencies. This is a fast way but the only snag is that some agents have private email addresses that they only share with other professionals in the field. However, be persistent!
  • If you can afford it, try to attend a modelling convention. Attending such conventions is a wonderful way to get exposed especially if you are a curvaceous aspiring model. Downside? They come fairly expensive but then that depends on the regional area. These conventions are such fun, so don’t be shy. Mingle!
  • If you can, learn about poise, style, and make-up techniques. You’ll find tutorials and tips on these on YouTube. Explore and tutor yourself in readiness for that important call!
  • Enrol in acting workshops in your spare time if you can. If you learn the basics . . . The right auditioning skills that can teach you how to feel comfortable in front of cameras or how to work on a set, you will certainly have an edge over the competition.

It’s good to note that you need the opinion of a number of agents (or scouts) because they each specialise in just one or two areas of modelling.

For instance, some modelling agents represent fashion editorials and magazines while others only represent the commercial aspect of plus modelling. Examples include showroom models, weight-loss models, swimsuit and petite but curvy models.

So just because you can’t get one agency to represent you doesn’t mean you can’t get another who can’t wait to sign you on.


The Easy Way Out


If all this seems like a chore, you have a wonderful choice and a simple way out. You can just send your photo portfolio to model scouts who have direct connections with the best modelling agencies in the world.

You not only get the needed exposure, you’ll love that they represent some of the world’s most powerful agencies. This includes agencies that focus on niche related subjects like “high fashion, runway, commercial print and television, plus-size, petite, showroom and fit modelling for male, female and child models”.


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