11 Ways to Look Great as a Curvy Plus Size Woman

Today, most admired fashionable women are full-bodied. Isn’t it a good feeling to know that being bone-thin is almost dated and having some amount of flesh in the right places is what makes today’s woman a woman. And the fashion design industry knows the importance of paying attention to the needs of a plus size woman.

Though some fashion designers may still insist on referring to curvy women as fat, a majority of them feel otherwise.

They recognize that this is the 21st century and therefore know ‘where the pendulum swings’, in favour of plus size fashion, a still untapped ‘oil well’.

The rise in numbers of fashion savvy plus size women is astronomical, not what you’ll find half a century ago.

Today you will find that apparel manufacturers, fashion retailers, and exhibitors have a renewed interest in the plus-size fashion industry and you’ll find fashion designers whose sole passion is designing clothing and accessories for voluptuous women. So, what really looks good on a plus size woman?

plus size woman

It’s good to know which clothes will truly work wonders for you. It is always a great feeling knowing you look good because it boosts your confidence and makes you feel sexy. Even though thinner women need not make much of an effort to look good, curvy women need to pay a little more attention to detail.

Good thing is that this ‘paying attention to details’ is actually what makes one feel like a woman; what makes one a cut above the rest.

  1. Wear suitable styles that flatter your body
  2. Wear your proper size. There is nothing as cheap-looking as wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose and dowdy
  3. Choose forgiving materials such as soft flowing fabrics, soft cotton, jersey, crepe, non-cotton stretch materials
  4. Choose colours that compliment your size and skin tone. Whether you prefer soft subtle shades or bold colours and daring prints, their choice must be enhancing and complimentary
  5. Wear the right lengths of dresses and skirts. If you have puffy ankles, for instance, go for classy cuts with longer lengths
  6. Ensure that pants, jeans and shorts look smooth on your body. Lingerie choice is important here
  7. Make sure your pants and trousers are crisp and pressed neatly. They must never look crumpled!
  8. Proper undergarments, lingerie, and body foundation (shape-wear) are important for a nice finished look. The right underwear gives you smooth lines with whatever you put on whether a dress, a fitted jacket, a pair of jeans, evening wear, or formal and informal pants
  9. Fashion accessories must enhance and not overwhelm. Handbags shouldn’t be oversized and shoes mustn’t be overtly ‘strappy’ or chunky
  10. Wear clothing that makes you very noticeable in a classy and fashionable way
  11. Create style with simplicity. Ensure you have some wardrobe basics . . . a pair of well fitting jeans, t-shirts, button-up blouses, a pretty skirt, cropped jacket, and a couple of cardigans.

As a curvy or plus size woman, being fashionable is a choice and if you can cultivate the habit of seeing yourself as a beautiful full-bodied woman, you will know that making yourself look chic and elegantly dressed will not only make a lot of difference to your looks, it will also be a great boost for your ego.

Whatever the case, if you are plus size woman, it’s always good to wear what makes you feel relaxed and very comfortable.



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