15 Job Opportunities for Aspiring Plus-Size Models

If you are reading this article, then you wish to know what a plus-size modelling career involves and the type of lucrative jobs a curvy model can do.

Now that it’s no longer news that the demand for plus women in the modelling industry is continuously on the rise, there is no reason you can’t aspire to become a model. However, finding the kind of jobs you can do (or plan towards) isn’t that hard once you have a clear of what’s available and decide on where you think you can fit in and make a career of.

Many full-bodied women who dream of becoming a model but think they can’t dare to pursue a modelling career don’t realise the potentials of their voluptuous bodies. What agencies look out for is not necessarily only your size or shape. You may have the type of facial-structure they need, your curves may be to-die-for, perhaps it’s your height, great legs, your gait, or your beautiful hands that makes you stand out. You never know.

Being large-bodied doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable and wear great clothes, neither does being plus-sized or fat stop you from aspiring to become a model, reasons why big girls are required in the fashion and style industry to showcase stylish casual and formal clothes, accessories, lingerie, footwear, and swimwear. It’s a good thing that fashion designers, manufacturers and merchandisers now realise the earning potentials of the plus-size industry.


What Does Plus-size Modelling Involve?


Having a career as a plus-size model has many similarities to that of even the thinnest models and their jobs are just as diverse as theirs. The only difference between a full-bodied and thinner model is in their size, shape, and weight.

Just as they showcase apparel, home improvement products, home appliances, makeup, swimwear, furniture etc…, so can a curvy plus-size woman too. And just as skinny models are in the print media, so are plus models too.

In the industry, the precise definition of plus size varies and there is yet to be a concrete agreement on exactly what size and shape a plus-size woman is.




While some designers believe that any professional fashion model over a size 12 is fat (which is highly debatable), another school of thought whose views correspond with consumers definition of fat is that you are not plus-sized unless you wear a size 18 and above, a definition that is more realistic in the opinion of most women.


15 Career Prospects for Plus-sized Models


Now that you know there is a great demand for curvy plus-size models, you will find listed below the options and career opportunities open to you. These job prospects are available for young children, teenagers, and women from sizes 14 and up. The opportunities listed below are not exhaustive of what’s available but the top jobs available in some of the world’s biggest brands and designers include:

  1. Modelling on the runway
  2. Catalogue modelling
  3. Modelling for magazines
  4. Swimwear and lingerie modelling
  5. Modelling plus-size maternity wear
  6. Trade show modelling
  7. Models for commercial advertisements
  8. Showroom models
  9. Movie extras
  10. Makeup models
  11. Fashion accessories models
  12. Household products
  13. Modelling for commercial print
  14. Fashion print models
  15. Modelling for the weight-loss industry



plus size model


Who Hires Curvy Models?


It’s a good thing to first know the career prospects of plus size modelling, but who are the top companies and corporations that hire fat models?

As a model, you don’t just work for the clothing industry (fashion); you can also work for product manufacturers (ad campaigns, brand images), fashion accessories industry, the media (TV commercials, newspaper ads, calendars, and billboards), lingerie and swimwear industry, plus size fashion designers and the weight loss industry.

Companies that hire models to showcase their plus products include:

  • Macy’s
  • Lane Bryant
  • Avenues
  • Catherine’s
  • Always for Me
  • Hips and Curves
  • Fashion Bug
  • Ulla Popken
  • Junonia
  • Swimsuit for All
  • Silhouettes
  • Torrid


plussize vintage lingerie1


Today you will find a good number of famous plus-size models who adorn glossy magazine covers. Many of them are also working as “spokes-models” for diverse fashion and other consumer products.

A good example is Barbara Brickner who is a famous plus-size fashion model and has appeared in many magazines, including the popular Glamour Magazine and Women’s World. You too can aspire to be like her, a successful curvy model.


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