10 Job Opportunities for Aspiring Plus Models

It’s certain you wish to find out what a plus size modelling career involves and why you too can aspire to become a model. This post should give you a clear idea of where you can fit in as a plus size model.

Many curvy girls who have the right shape to become a plus size model don’t realise the potentials of their voluptuous bodies. And if you are reading this you probably aspire to become a model but you are a bit hesitant about the acceptance of your shape in the modelling industry.

However, being fat isn’t such a big deal when it comes to today’s fashion and style, and with the high demand for curvy girls to showcase stylish clothes, accessories, lingerie and swimwear, manufacturers in the fashion industry now seek plus size women.

But what does full figure modelling involve?

Having a career as a plus-size model has many similarities to that of stick thin models. Jobs are just as diverse and opportunities equally abound but most don’t know it. The only difference between you and a thinner model is in your size, shape, and weight.

They model stylish clothes, and so can you too. They model for the make-up industry, you can too. They model lingerie and swimwear; you can aspire to do that as well. They are in print, and so can you too.




However, you’ve got the curves to show off; but they don’t.

Don’t worry that the precise definition of plus size varies; there is no concrete agreement in the industry yet as to exactly what size a plus size woman is.

Some in the fashion industry believe that any professional fashion model over a size 12 is plus size, which doesn’t really make much sense. Another school of thought whose views correspond with our (consumers) definition of fat is that plus size starts from size 18. Now, that’s a bit more realistic.


10 Career Prospects


Now that you know there is a great demand for curvy plus size models, it is certain you’ll wish to know choices and career opportunities open in the industry.

It might be hard to believe, but there are many types of prospects that exist for teens and women from sizes 14 and up. The opportunities are vast and available for all curvy and fat shapes and silhouettes as you’ll observe in the following list. Top jobs include:

  1. Runway modelling
  2. Plus size catalogue modelling
  3. Swimwear and lingerie modelling
  4. Plus size maternity
  5. Trade show modelling
  6. Modelling for TV commercials
  7. Movie extras
  8. Plus size modelling for commercial print
  9. Plus size modelling for fashion print
  10. Weight loss industry modelling

plus size model


Who Hires Curvy Models?


It’s a good thing to first know the career prospects of plus size modelling, but who are the top companies and corporations that hire fat models?

As a model, you don’t just work for the clothing industry (fashion); you can also work for product manufacturers (ad campaigns, brand images), fashion accessories industry, the media (TV commercials, newspaper ads, calendars, and billboards), lingerie and swimwear industry, plus size fashion designers and the weight loss industry.

Companies that hire models to showcase their plus products include:

  • Macy’s
  • Lane Bryant
  • Avenues
  • Catherine’s
  • Always for Me
  • Hips and Curves
  • Fashion Bug
  • Ulla Popken
  • Junonia
  • Swimsuit for All
  • Silhouettes
  • Torrid


plussize vintage lingerie1


Today you will find a good number of famous plus size models who adorn glossy magazine covers. Many of them are also working as “spokes-models” for diverse fashion and other consumer products.

A good example is Barbara Brickner who is a famous plus-size fashion model and has appeared in many magazines, including the popular Glamour Magazine and Women’s World. You too can aspire to be like her, a successful curvy model.


For more details from the relevant agencies, contact Model Scouts


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31 Responses to “Jobs You Can Do as a Full Bodied Plus Size Model”

  1. charlotte says:

    I would like to join the modelling beacuse i am a cruvey girl without a flat stomack but i would like to join u please

  2. Viryabo says:

    Please visit Model Scouts.
    They cater for all sizes, ages, and heights. But i think you need to work on your stomach if you wish to get a headway.
    Hope this helps.

  3. portia says:

    I would love to join.i am curvey ,confident and not afraid to show my body…

  4. Hello my name is Nikola and i originally from Slovakia . I curve model and i actually looking for job.

  5. natoshia govan says:

    Hi I’m natoshia govan and I really want to model a lot of people tells me I need to model so I want to put and a effort to becoming a model I’ll be so happy

  6. Emilia Marchese says:

    I would like to be a plus size model. I’m curvy in all the right places I have a little bit of a stomach, I have a great smile and a beautiful face.

  7. Erna Fe Valdes says:

    Hi Mdm and Sir
    MY name is Erna Im 31 years old from Philippines and currently in Singapore
    Being in a modelling industry will always be my dream..I may not be perfect on everything but im always willing to learn for the best.
    Please give any consideration and Chances.Hope to hear from you soon .Thank you

  8. Angel Bryant says:

    I will love to be an plus size model an represent arer beautiful curvy bodies because when being plus size i dont think we get that much attention because we are plus size an i think we should be notice more just like other models

  9. sindiswa says:

    I will love to be a curvy model it my dream to show people and curvy women who thinks they are not sexy that anything is possible#curvy women rocks

  10. Sonia urias says:

    I’m interest in working in curvy and with a beautiful shape face please contact me

  11. Dineo says:

    I’m a young chubby girl who always loved modeling and fashion even though I’m a plus size I would like to enter the plus size modeling to show the chubby ladies out there who has low self-esteem on their body’s and show the world what can we also do as chubby ladies not only slim ladies can model and show out their body’s but chubby ladies also can do.

  12. Emma says:

    HI Girls
    I am looking for 2 curvy girls size 18/20/22 from 1.60cm to 1.80 cm tall aged between 18 years old and 30 years of age. I am launching a new range of compression leggings and crop tops in melbourne australia. The owrk will be published on flyers and my online store

    If you are interested please please contact me: emma@sleekwombat.com

  13. MARIE J says:

    Hi I am a model I love my life as one .
    The streets are my runway,I dress to feel like Trillion box,I walk like my life depend on It,I walk to be admired by man ,and hate by WOMAN who glanced at my style after I pass by.
    I chose to live the LIFE of who I know I am.
    If I never get to be seeing by an agency who recognize true gifted,born to be Talents,If I have to spend ,if I never find the right agent who would see me +my talents as a mine gold than I will know I Have love life As a top model that I am.
    If you need to see the truth see for YOURSELF.
    Do not contact me if you planning on asking for a dime,which will automatically stating that I am not a model,but a dreamer.
    Thank you for understanding.

  14. Oluwayemisi says:

    Hi. My name is Oshokoya Oluwayemisi. I would like to be a plus sized model. I’m a Nigerian. I’m a size 14 and 5ft 5inches and i’m also 18 years old. please contact me at yemi.koya.1@gmail.com

  15. Mbali says:

    Am a plus size model and I Have experience of modeling fashion modeling ,runways catalogue modeling ,TV ads and TV extras

  16. Maria Nunez says:

    I would like to become a curvy model please contact me asap…

  17. Mamogau Langa says:

    My name is mogau. A 22 years old hardworking female who is not just thick but curvy as well. I dont have a flat stomach but am thick and fabulous. Working with you would be a dream come true

  18. Rose West says:

    I would love to be a plus sized model for swim wear and lingerie I am 18 years old and would love to know how although my stomach isn’t flat it isn’t huge and I’ll do anything to achieve this dream

  19. Gita says:

    Hi i want to apply for plus size modelling.

  20. ash says:

    I wanna be a model… Plz contact me..as soon as possible..

  21. Jane says:

    Am intersted to be a model…y is cause am a plus size,curvry,flat tummy nd beauful..pls will love if u mesage me …tnx

  22. Lisa says:

    I would love to be a model how can I go by doing that or who to call to help me hey in

  23. Nora says:

    I’m 50 years old
    I’m love my curvy body
    And I like to show the word why curvy girls are beautifully.. ..
    I would like to get a job in this field…
    I don’t have experienced e but I’m a quick learn…and I know how to express my feeling..
    I’m interested in lingery and nude photo shoots..
    My weight is 180 pounds
    My height 1.50

  24. Shanel says:

    I will like to join the modeling careeri feel like that l the only way i could conquer my fears and i want to challenge myself to be more interactive with people

  25. xhe says:

    i really want to be a plus size model..i have curvy body and pretty face but my height is just 5’1..so sad..

  26. Aspiring models may have the best job opportunities in smaller cities working for smaller modeling agencies and local clients and businesses.

  27. If you have a company you would like to model for, see if they accept direct applicants and what their requirements are. While there may be jobs only available to non-tattooed models, there are also many that would actually prefer models with an “alternative” or “edgy” look.

  28. Keshai S Hinton says:

    I am interested in becoming a full figured model. I have a beautiful coca cola silhouette that draws the eye and peeks curiosity of both men and women. I just need the opportunity.

  29. jasenda Sprung says:

    Hello My Name Is Jasenda I Am a 20 year old female Who has always had a Passion for Modeling but im 200 pounds And I have never though i can do it! But I have a Dream to become a model Please contact me 🙂

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