How to Prepare for a Plus Size Modelling Career

A good plan of action and tidy preparations will open doors for a great plus size modelling career, but the most important part of getting an audition is your looks and your curves.

The competition for fat female modelling jobs is fairly tough but though the demand is rising steadily, it’s good to have some skills or experience no matter how little, to beat the fierce competition.

There are thousands of beautiful sexy fat women who qualify to become plus-size models, but its best to build a resume if you intend to eventually hit the top fashion cities for modelling placements.





Start off “Small” and Build Up From There


Start off by being a “big fish in a small pond”. Beginners need not be based in New York City, Rome, London or Paris to become a successful model.

You can start off in smaller upcoming cities and build up your portfolio from there before venturing out into the big cities.

A large number of fashion shows and events including most television shows and feature movies take place in smaller towns and cities, so it’s advisable to start where you are and build your resume and experience locally.

Those seemingly small jobs will let you learn how the modelling industry works and you’ll learn to get familiar with things such as:

  • Auditioning and acting
  • How to work with agents generally
  • How to handle negotiations
  • Filming skills
  • A bit of photography and getting professional headshots
  • How to prepare a resume and portfolio

You can also work with a fashion and style print media house, play some minor roles for television, or do small commercials. These are all great for experience and are added skills that’ll add credibility to your portfolio or resume.

And while you are learning and building up your résumé, you’ll earn some good money.


Learn From Professional Plus Size Models


Learn from the industry’s professionals and see how they started off. Follow them closely, search for them on YouTube to follow their progress and see how they do whatever it is they are achieving.

Study and keep practising whatever you may be learning and enrol in offline or online classes if the need arises. When you finally get the much-awaited audition for that dream modelling role, you will have some skills and a great understanding of the industry to back it up.


Be Proud of Your Curvy Shape


Don’t feel you’re too fat and need to lose weight before you seek a plus size modelling career.

There is nothing wrong with losing weight before pursuing a modelling career but if you are fat, curvaceous and firm, and proud of your body then you should start by taking on smaller modelling roles.


plus size models



How to Know the Right Modelling Agencies


If you are fortunate enough to find a modelling agency that has a firm and strong relationship with producers, casting directors, photographers, ad agencies, personal managers, and production companies, then you know that you’ve found one of the legitimate plus modelling agencies for full-figured women.

It’s very easy to avoid being ripped off by scammers who claim they can fix you up with a plus size modelling job if you are discerning. If anyone requests for deposits or advance fees, don’t pay as you can almost be certain that they may be scammers.

Legitimate plus size modelling agencies or agents should demand payment only when models are offered placements and get paid for the job. A general average of between 15 to 20% commission can be charged on plus size modelling contracts and around 10% for television or movie contracts.


Negotiating Deals for Curvy Models


Some modelling agencies can legally negotiate deals for you but before you get to that stage you can do some homework and find out if there are licensed plus size modelling agents in your locality. If there are, you may use them.

It’s always best to use a legitimately licensed agency. If you need to find out which is licensed and which is not you can check out the talent agent list there.

If you plan to pursue your plus size modelling career professionally, these are the talent agents you should consider.


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