How to Market Your Shapely Plus Size

Aspiring plus size models who need an effective and much easier way to be discovered and placed with reputable modelling agencies must approach their career with fervor and perseverance. However, there is a faster way to achieve this is by using organisations that generally scout for models from all over the world.

It is good to make sure that any scouting company chosen are those that work with the most reputable and powerful modelling agencies in the world.

With today’s advanced technology, aspiring models need not lug about their portfolio of photographs and resumes because they can get scouted much easier on-line by top modelling agents, photographers, and industry professionals nationally and internationally.

For a reach beyond the local scene, aspiring curvy models can now build a professional looking portfolio on-line for the world’s top photographers, modelling agencies, plus size fashion industry stalwarts, fashion magazine editors and general fashion industry clients to see.

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What you Need to Put Together


  1. You can build a virtual plus size portfolio showing good photo shots of yourself. Pictures, clear and uncluttered, with a couple showing shots of your full face and shoulders and a few others showing your full body silhouette. About six shots are enough and they need not be taken by professional photographers or in photography studios.
  2. Have your statistics, heights, weight, etc and include your contact information in the event that modelling agencies and other clients they want to contact you directly.
  3. Include a professionally drawn up on-line comp card that can be mailed electronically models agencies.
  4. If you have a presence on the web, include links to your blog or website, Twitter, Facebook or even YouTube.


The people you intend to work for a career plus size model are more interested in photograph portfolios than they are in resumes. If you’ve always wanted to become an actor, you’ll need to have a resume, but as a model, photographs send the first message to prospective clients. But it is good to have one, though it may take a lot of time and effort to build as it is an added plus to have one if you’re just getting started.


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Don’t Forget to . . .


Yes! Don’t forget to include your real name and in full! There must be no pen names or aliases. Your prospective clients want to know who you really are in the event that they need to bring you in for an audition, or possibly book you directly from viewing your head-shots that must look like you at the present stage.

Your contact information must be as detailed as is possible because they’ll need to know precisely how to reach you and if you have an agent, then ensure you include their own information as well.

State any and every experience you may have and if you think you don’t have any experience, then its good to include absolutely everything you’ve done. A lot of people can’t drive in the fast cities, so if you have a driver’s license, include that in your resume too.

Include your educational background including music, dancing, acting classes, etc., as well as any other special skills you may have acquired along the way such as the martial arts, sports, playing musical instruments, singing, or knowing a couple of foreign languages.

If you build a good portfolio, it will open up doors for you, but always remember that the most aspect of ever getting an audition as a plus size model is your look, your body curves and your height.

On a final note, remember that it’s good to be honest about whatever information or photos you will divulge or send.


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