About the Author

I am an Interior Designer by profession and have practised as one for many years. I love fashion and regard myself as a fashion enthusiast.

I love to dance and play chess. I also write articles online, own a website about dream homes, and blog about vintage inspired fashion and home style and decor.

This website which is one of a few I have is solely about plus size modelling and curvy women aspiring to become models.

The fashion industry doesn’t say much about the plus size modelling niche, but this is where they should channel more energy into, promoting clothing for fashion-conscious full-bodied women.

Undoubtedly, there are more plus size women out there than there are skinny ones, but as a curvy woman who always aspired to be a part-time model but was referred to as fat (at size 12!) then, I know it’s a new dawn for those who aspire to become plus size models.

I always wanted to become a model but it was a dream that never came to fruition. Nonetheless, I still love talking and writing about plus size matters and vintage inspired fashion.

I now believe that this is the 21st century and any woman can become a model, even if they (or others) think they are too fat!


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